Sarah is a great listener, very focus, with a lot of empathy and a professional approach. She has helped me to use the right exPan Logo
keys and press the right buttons when developing my project to its maturity. Thanks to her coaching, I took action and moved from a status of employee to entrepreneur. Her coaching allowed me not to miss the point. I took control of my professional life !


As business development manager, I found myself in situations I thought were awfully complex. Thanks to her devotion/commitment and the quality of her listening, Sarah helped me to find my own answers and solutions through our individual coaching sessions. I can only recommend her!

logoMIOSI was very pleased to meet Sarah as she has brilliantly and with great professionalism applied the DISC personality assessment tool to our management team. My staff really appreciated the lessons learnt resulting from her mission at MIOS. Each of us has been able to better understand how their colleagues work. This greatly improves communication and team work. A big thanks to Sarah for her help which will enable us to better perform and be even more efficient!
ECSPLICITEIt was great to work with Sarah. And the whole team also shared this feeling!
Thanks to her professionalism and her relationship building and interpersonal skills, Sarah managed to connect with every member of the team.
We have learned a lot from her analysis of the different behavioural styles within the team. For a start, we were able to put our staff behavioural styles into perspective – I may even say into colours ! – shading lights and defining contours where we were uncertain.
Her intervention at ECSPLICITE will be very useful in the long-term.